Dispenser for paper towels

Dispenser for paper towels
Dispenser for paper towels

Stainless steel dispenser for ZZ towels with lockable lid.

It is used in places where a high level of sterility and hygiene is of great importance: food industry, pharmaceutical, schools, hospitals and other places of this type.
The stainless steel ZZ paper towel dispenser has a paper level control window.

capacity: up to 400 sheets of towel
material: 304 stainless steel
purpose: ZZ paper towels (V-fold)
method of dosing: pulling out one piece of towel, the next one comes out
lock and key: metal
wall mounting, screwed
control window informing about the number of towels
leaf size: 230 x 210 mm
dimensions (width x height x depth): 252 x 235 x 130 mm

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