Magnetic mat

Magnetic mat
Magnetic mat

The magnetic mat was developed according to the requirements from food industry and it is designed to minimize the transfer of metal fragments (from workshops, building sites, outdoor areas) to the sensitive food production zones.

It was designed to meet BRC Global Standard 4.7.7 by preventing transfer of engineering debris to production areas.
BRC Global Standard 4.7.7:
Engineering workshops shall be kept clean and tidy and controls shall be in place to prevent transfer of engineering debris to production or storage areas.

Magnetic mat can not be used by people with pacemakers, because strong magnetic field may affect its work. Persons with other metal implant should contact their manufacturer to check if strong magnetic field will have no effect on their works. Magnetic field may damage things like: hard disks, credit cards, ID with magnetic strips, measurers and other devices sensitive to magnetic field.

A special variant of the magnetic mat is the magnetic mat with stainless steel grille – P2689. In contrast to the standard magnetic mat, this unusal mat consist of three layers. The lower part is equipped with extra strong neodymium NdFeB magnets. The middle part (made of a special magnetic sheet) and the upper part consists of a thick net of sharp steel profiles. This highly effective scraper helps to remove (not only) metal contaminations partially sticked in the shoe soles (metal shavings, splinters, screws, nails, sprigs, brads etc.).

Product codeProduct optionDimensions
C2687-AReplaceable layer900x600 mm
P2687Magnetic mat900x600 mm
P2689Magnetic mat with stainless steel scraper900x600 mm

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